Aquastorm 50 Batch

The Aquastorm 50 Batch cleaner from Speedline utilizes technologies common to the Aquastorm 100 and 200 inline cleaners in a batch footprint, thereby allowing you to increase your cleaning capability without moving to an inline cleaner.

The features of the Aquastorm 50 Batch cleaner:
• With the Patent Pending Fluid Delivery system from Speedline you achieve higher product reliability and effective removal of flux residues under the low stand-off components. The system operates multiple Jet Impact Cleaning sprays, which creates a web of omni-directional dynamic energy.

• With the Torrid Zone drying as a standard feature, the Aquastorm 50 Batch cleaner exploits Electrovert’s patented convection drying technology, which delivers a controlled dynamic process that effectively removes moisture from the PCB.

• Differing from the typical batch cleaner, The Aquastorm 50 utilizes field-proven technologies that are common across the Aquastorm in-line cleaners, including fluid delivery and pump designs and drying technologies.

• The software of the Aquastorm 50 benefits from an advanced user interface, wherein all machine operation parameters are easily viewed to optimize machine and process controls.

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