BLC Series

The BLC series from IBL comes with a new design in different sizes with small footprints. It is cost-saving due to 2-chamber design. And highly innovative due to the new big touch-screen monitor with new and easy handling software. The system promises oxygen-free soldering and no overheating of components. Maximum solder quality and flexibility are provided by countless patented functions. The BLC machine is not only popular for its look and quality, but also for the low power consumption.
The models comes in BLC420, BLC620, BLC820, and is available as batch or inline, making the series perfect for medium to high volume production.

Features of the BLC Series:
• New design with small footprint
• Big Touch Screen with comfortable operation
• Cost-saving due to the 2-chamber design and medium recovery
• As batch or inline available
• Maximum solder quality and flexibility
• Wide variety of adjustable solder profiles
• Integrated cooling fan
• Comfortable temperature measuring and profiling with 4 internal channels
• Medium level check
•Permanent data collection

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