Inline AOI

The MEK Powerspector Inline AOI systems can easily be integrated with your assembly line, and therefore result in the optimal production in every environment. The foundation of the design is based on short programming time with maximum defect coverage.

The MEK Powerspector Inline AOI systems is powered by GTAz inspection engine for quality inspection of solder joints. The system can be equipped with 9 cameras: 1 top and 8 side cameras. With the revolutionary passive 3D capture technique utilizing the side cameras, 3D component images are created using all 9 cameras.

For maximum flexibility, the optical unit is configurable to fit your needs today while providing upgrade possibilities for the future. The XY drive gantry with ball screw mechanics allows high speed inspection while maintaining high accuracy and precision. Specially coated shafts deliver quiet operation and minimal wear for lowest maintenance and calibration requirements. Automatic conveyor width adjustment is included for convenient product changeover and a PCB support lift for reliable inspection of warped PCB’s.

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