Inline Reflow CX600/CX800

The CX600/CX800 from IBL is an automated Inline Vapor Phase soldering solution. The system provides accurate and high quality results at medium to high volume throughput. The machines have easy inline integration as they feature a standardized SHEMA interface.

Features of the Inline Vapor Phase Reflow CX600/800:
• A cycle time of under 20 sec. per board is possible
• Carrier sizes from 680 x 650 x 80 mm up to 825 x 650 x 80 mm
• Fully automatic inline operation
• Two independent stations for loading and unloading of carriers
• Loading and Unloading conveyors with buffer function
• Three internal process chambers with automatic airlocks
• Lowest energy and fluid consumption with Energy management system
• Highest precision and process quality with patented Soft Vapor Temperature Control
• Easy one step profile set-up with Intelligent profiling system (IPS)
• Wide variety of adjustable solder profiles
• Lead-free and leaded soldering on one machine with one fluid
• Live temperature monitoring with IBL Software without profiler
• Traceability and documentation with IBL Software
• Low maintenance due to Cool Handling (all moving parts outside process chamber)
• Patented Maintenance-free transport system
• Integrated automatic fluid filter system
• Observation window into process chamber
• Batch and inline operation available
• Siemens Interface available

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