With FactoryLogix Logistics from Aegis you ensure that your raw materials arrive at the right location at the right time. Automatically it observes and responds to material demands from lines, successfully manages changeover, ensures proper setups and provides ERP unprecedented visibility to quantities.

The features of the Logistics module:
•  The FactoryLogix’ line changeover optimization solution ensures that each line has an ideal setup, which results in a minimization of changeovers

• With the FactoryLogix’ LED BIN (brightness index number of an LED part) Recipe generation you bypass the challenges of manually ensuring that there is a specific assembly program for every combination of LEDs with their varying BINs and resistors, as this program will update the program file content for a given work order, thereby permitting for routine machine setup and execution.

• FactoryLogix offers a variety of highly automated solutions for capturing and identifying each item, making it easier to properly identify and label incoming materials. Among other features, it offers integration solutions for materials registered in external systems.

• With the FactoryLogix logistics support in warehouse managing the result will be a supreme control of inventory cost achieved by minimizing stock levels and high awareness of materials and locations.

• The FactoryLogix Logistics solution provide a Mobile Material Management app, which ensures that users can scan and search for stock and retrieve materials on demand and when needed, thereby resulting in a lot of time and costly labour saved from going to distant terminals.

• FactoryLogix offers an MSD Management, which ensures the process of properly storing moisture sensitive devices and materials in dry storage as well as tracking their removal.

• The FactoryLogix Logistics solution performs feeder maintenance with an automatic indication of error rates and timeouts. It controls the execution of the process, as well as the quality, test, monitoring and routing.

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