FactoryLogix from Aegis is developed with the New Product Introduction system that ensures the MES system to understand the product under production. It will comprehend the CAD design, the Bills of material and the whole process itself. The understanding of the product will shorten the time from R&D to the running process.

The features of the NPI module:
 A comprehensive task flow management, which means easy configuration of sequence of operations in order to obtain an error-free process. Individuals will have immediate visibility of tasks assigned by supervisor, which ensures flawless collaboration.

•  FactoryLogix provide a radical approach to the manufacturing process definition, where engineers define the process, not the physical route, permitting for total freedom to apply assembly processes including on-the-fly steps for defining operations.

•  The assembly and part management of the system will provide a configurable multi-level assembly structure.

•  Overcomes the problem of poorly formatted and error-filled Bills of material (BOMs), as the FactoryLogix system can process almost any text or Excel BOM without code or script writing. In addition it remembers previous types of BOMs and therefore saves time as it subsequently import instantly.

•  The importing of design data is essential, including quality and test operations, assembly instructions and machine programming. The importers from Aegis have over a decade of evolution and therefor support hundreds of legacy file versions.

•  With FactoryLogix you get a true process driven architecture for the development of intelligent work instructions for all kinds of assemblies at the most granular activity level. Its documentation engine controls part and design data to improve rich, interactive support documentation to guide operators through sequential assembly steps.

•  Beyond the documentation generated in FactoryLogix, the software allows linking or embedding of any type of secondary documents such as user manuals, ISO manuals, etc.

• FactoryLogix provide an Electronic Revision Approval, where, among other advantages, the review cycle is accelerated by presenting the approvers an intelligent side-by-side view of the changes in the new version and its predecessor.

• With FactoryLogix you get a programming interface for essentially all machines on the market that performs simple and fast offline programming and library management with hundreds of interfaces available.

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