With Production from FactoryLogix by Aegis you obtain one user-configurable interface for simplicity, efficiency and cost savings achieved by the delivery of paperless, quality, traceability and process verification.

The features of the Production module: (Shop Floor Control Features)
• Visual documentation created in the NPI module is dispatched automatically to each workstation under revision control and presents searchable, interactive multimedia documentation targeted perfectly where and when it is needed.

• FactoryLogix offers an complete operator guidance, in which the operator will be guided through their sequential build process, thereby enforcing capture of required steps, and in the end providing evidence of the work performed. A feature that is very important in todays control and evidence demanding work environments.

• FactoryLogix will digitally track every unit factory-wide, thereby overcoming the challenge of determining the locations of all work orders and units at all times.

• FactoryLogix offers complete product genealogy of all assemblies, including historical genealogy to uncover issues with suspect subassembly units.

• FactoryLogix provide a validation of material setup including enforcement at any workstation in order to verify BOM part content, tooling and consumables, all in order to minimize overhead caused by single errors in material setups.

• FactoryLogix is a superior software on the market as it is built on CAD intelligence resulting in high quality data collection and repair. This ensures everything is tracked, traced and controlled, delivering excellent data input and analytical results.

FactoryLogix offers superb test data collection and diagnostics by presenting test engineers with everything from the products net list to the history of the units built around the time that unit was built.

The features of the Production module: (SMT Line Management Features):
• FactoryLogix ensures proper setup of the solder paste application, as well as monitoring and controlling the life of the paste. It helps and ensures that the operators load the correct paste chemistry and tooling at the operation.

• FactoryLogix offers an offline material setup providing a significant benefit in time, since all time-consuming preparations will be carried out independently from the placement machines along with a mobile management feature to support the operator.

• FactoryLogix will verify all feeders and materials used in the line, as well as recording the information as trace detail for each unit, in order to obtain effective and error-free equipment feeder setups. The operator will be supported by a mobile management feature.

• FactoryLogix offers an automatic MSD Production Control ensuring that MSD components don’t exceed their exposure times.

• FactoryLogix provide an automatic feature to control the real-time material handling, by continuously monitoring quantity levels at all feeder positions and automatically activate requisitions when it is time to refill.

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