VAC 745/765 Batch

The VAC745/765 (available as batch or inline) combines the advantages of the vapor phase with the vacuum process and guarantees void-free solder joints with highest quality. The soldering system operates in a completely inert atmosphere during the whole reflow and vacuum process. Many patented features are available and provide a wide range of flexibility. The machine promises oxygen-free soldering an no overheating of components. In addition, the power consumption of the machine is very low.

Features of the VAC745/765:
• Void-free solder joints with highest quality
• Inert atmosphere during the whole reflow and vacuum process
• Wide variety of adjustable solder profiles
• Low medium consumption due to 2-chamber design and medium recovery
• Temperature recording and profiling with 4 integrated channels
• Permanent data collection
• Medium level check and automatic medium filtering
• Integrated cooling fan
• Automatic monitoring of vacuum process
• Maintenance-free transport system (patented

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