Aquastorm 60 Inline

The Aquastorm 60 Inline from Speedline is ideal for PCB, semiconductor, and industrial cleaning type applications, where the manufacturing volume has outgrown the capability of a batch type cleaner and/or lack the floor space requirements of a typical in-line cleaner. It exploits the benefits of the Electrovert® Aquastorm™ series, which are designed to provide cleaning process flexibility, superior cleaning and drying performance, process monitoring, and reliability by utilizing technologies that exceed cleaning and drying expectations.

The features of the Aquastorm 60 Inline cleaner:
• Compact design and small footprint with high-end performance capabilities.

• The in-line technology is capable of removing all flux residues and contaminants from lead and lead-free processes including rosin, no-clean, and water soluble type application. In addition the Aquastorm 60 can also be used in surface cleaning, surface preparation, parts cleaning, and high reliability industrial cleaning environments.

• The Aquastorm 60 Inline cleaner offers a wide range of mixed spray technologies within the Wash and Rinse sections including V fan type, S-jet, and Jet Impact Cleaning nozzle types giving you the flexibility to maximize your cleaning process.

• The Aquastorm 60 is available in either an all stainless steel construction (cabinet, tanks, and all process areas) or in textured scratch resistant polypropylene from Speedline.

• The drying system of the Aquastorm series will increase throughput and provide cost savings, so that boards can go straight to test of conformal coating.

• The Aquastorm 60 utilizes field proven technologies that are effective and efficient at drying for all applications, such as the technology of the ElectroAir air knife designed to maximize the mechanical energy cross the entire process width of the conveyor.

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