Aquastorm FSM

As high-reliability PCBs become miniaturized, denser and more complex, board assemblers are seeking ways to increase board level reliability, and cleaning is seen as a process solution. Additionally, the importance of cleaning electronic assemblies increases dramatically in lead-free soldering applications.

The Electrovert® Aquastorm™ series precision cleaning systems are designed to provide complete cleaning process flexibility, superior cleaning and drying performance, process monitoring, and reliability. The Electrovert approach is to provide the market with a range of Aquastorm series cleaners that utilize technologies that exceed cleaning and drying expectations.

Aqaustorm Free Standing Module solution

The Aquastorm FSM is a free standing additional wash section that can be added to any exisiting in-line cleaning process.  The Aquastorm FSM is designed to add complete process flexibility.  Available for a ‘straight DI’ or ‘chemical wash with chemical isolation’ processes, the Aquastorm FSM provides that additional process flexiblity without time and expense to conver tyour existing cleaner and/or replacing your existing cleaning process.

The Process flexibility benefits include:

• Add a free standing chemistry wash with chemical isolation process to an existing straight DI cleaner.
• Add a free standing straight DI process to an existing chemistry based cleaner.
• Add an additional free standing wash section in front of your existing cleaner using the same cleaning process.
• The FSM can significantly reduce the time required to convert processes in a single wash configuration cleaner.
• The extensive set of optional features to expand process capability include:
• 15 HP wash pump with mixed spray technology
• S jet nozzles in CI and PW
• Chemical metering pump
• Additional levels of filtration and misprint cleaning feature£ Digital flow meters

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