AXC-800 III Component Counting System

The Scienscope AXC-800 III makes inventory management and component counting faster, accurate and easier than ever before. Simply place reels in the system, close the door and the count begins automatically. The AXC-800 III Component Counter completes the task of counting four 7″ reels in 23 senconds, 1 large 13″-15″ reel in 16 seconds and tubes/trays in 16 seconds.


    • Tubes
    • JEDEC Trays
    • 7″, 13″ and 15″ Reels
    • Loose Wound Components
    • BGA Ball Count
    • Copper Splice Removal
    • Sealed ESD Bags
    • Tightly Wound Components
    • Desiccant Penetrable
    • Cut Strips


    • Turnkey operation (5 minute operator training)
    • Scanning of (4) 7″ reels simultaneously
    • Fast, Intuitive, user friendly software Al interface with 99,9% accuracy
    • Scanning of 132 or 15″ reels
    • Scanning of JEDEC trays and counting of BGA balls
    • Scanning of loose wound components or tightly wound components
    • Scanning inside ESD bags
    • MES Intergration (optional)
    • Internal Barcode Scanning, no more mixed match
    • Barcodes due to operator error
    • Small footprint
    • Industrial PC: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)


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