AXI-5100c III

The Scienscope AXI-5100c III X-Ray Component Counter is the most advanced, automated component counting system in the world which features

an automatic loader and label printer. This fully automated system communicates with data management providing complete inventory control and

by using an inline integrated conveyor system, it counts components faster than any system on the planet. Save time, save money, reduce labor and

avoid the dreaded “line down” scenario due to lack of a component.


  • Fast, Intuitive, user friendly software interface with 99.9% accuracy
  • Scanning of 7”-15” reels
  • Scanning of JEDEC trays and counting of BGA balls
  • Scanning of loose wound components or tightly wound components
  • Scanning of sealed ESD bags
  • Built in library with automatic storage
  • Automatic continuous feeding and positioning
  • Automatic Loader & Printer
  • 17″ x 17″ Flat Panel Detector
  • Smart Reader that automatically acquires one dimensional or two-dimensional code and material height, size, type and other information
  • Industrial PC: Microsoft Windows 10
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