The MPM Edison from ITW EAE is, with its patented features, an innovative new platform of the next-generation printers. With the Edison you will experience outstanding speed, accuracy and superior performance.

The features of the MPM Edison Printer:
• Edison delivers double the throughput of best-in-class printers worldwide due to an, among other innovations, new highly-efficient parallel processing stencil shuttle system.
• The wet print accuracy of the Edison is incomparable to other printers on the market. With its built-in 8-micron alignment and 15-micron wet print (proven through testing), it represents a 25% improvement in accuracy over current best in class printers.
• The Edison comes with a new Intueri graphical user interface with a flexible and wide array of configuration variables combined with Open Apps for maximum capability and connectivity.
• The front design of the Edison allows for unprecedented access and easy service, and is Back to Back (BTB) configurable making it usable for a dual lane solution without additional line length.

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