Electrovert OmniES

The Electrovert OmniES reflow soldering systems from ITW EAE delivers outstanding thermal performance together with process capability and control. The OmniES reflow ovens from Speedline come in both 5-7- and 10-zone ovens, and are a reliable and efficient reflow system for high-end and high-volume production. The OmniES is an innovative technology that will save on the lowest power and nitrogen consumption rates.
The OmniES 5-and 7-zone oven will deliver excellent yields, as the OmniES 10-zone oven delivers high performance thermal processing.

Features of the Electrovert OmniES series:
• By using a single patented IsoThermal chamber, the OmniES outperforms competitive low cost alternatives, and is proven to require significantly less power then other ovens in the market.
• The use of the patented IsoThermal Chamber Technology provides maximum thermal performance, and delivers highly efficient heat transfer throughout the entire process and product.
• The patented cooling module within the OmniES/MAX series provides flexibility and is designed to meet the cooling slope requirements of thermally-challenging board assemblies and to reduce the opportunity of flux dripping in the process area.
• The series is designed to reduce maintenance requirements, extend time between maintenance, and minimize the time required doing maintenance.
• Versatile and robust conveyor systems.
• Each OmniES/MAX system is lead-free validated and optimized, additionally data on quality assurance and reports are included in the oven documentation package.
• User-friendly software and controls.

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