Flash Off Conveyor High & Low Top

The High Top Flash Off and Inspection Conveyor from Electro Design are suitable for conformal coating applications with pallets or boards. It has an optional High power UV blue inspection light or switch selectable white light, as well as a ventilation guard with infeed blocking and a timer for controlled flash off time. The sliding glass door gives access to the internal conveyor and boards. The Low Top conveyor has the possibility of having blue UV light for inspection and white inspection light, as well as a ventilation guard with conveyor infeed blocking.

The features of the Flash Off Conveyor with High or Low Top:
• Flash Off system for solvent based conformal coating or glue
• Convenient glass window cover
• Bottom tray for collection of coating drips
• Transports PCBs, pallets and carriers
• Bottom ventilation exhaust
• PLC controlled
• SMEMA Interface

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