FumeCAB 1000 iQ

Integrated filtration solution for fume cabinet extraction

Partial enclosures are steadily becoming the preferred option for operator protection from processes that produce harmful fumes.

Electronic applications create fumes which are released into the atmosphere. They may be solid particles, gas or vapour (volatile organic compounds, or VOCs) and most can’t be seen. Not controlling these fumes can have serious consequences. Whether you’re running machinery in an educational establishment or a large-scale factory, all airborne substances should be considered as potentially harmful to the operator, your equipment and the environment and controlled with the correct fume extraction solution. Read more about the need for fume extraction.

Government bodies, including the HSE in the UK, are now making direct reference through guidance documentation – such as HSG258 – to their use. The FumeCAB 1000 iQ integrated filtration system has been designed to ensure compliance with the latest regulations. Ultra-bright slim line energy saving LED lights come as standard with optional UV lighting.

The FumeCAB 1000 iQ is available in different options to suit your application. We offer talldeep, and with ESD or conformal coating.

Benefits of the FumeCAB 1000 iQ:

  • Certified to BS 7989:2001 Recirculatory filtration fume cabinet specification
  • Remote diagnostics via USB
  • Filters with long life and low replacement cost
  • Independent filter condition monitoring, display and warnings
  • Twin coated anti UV/anti-splash protective Polycarbonate visor
  • Side entry blind grommets for equipment access
  • Large working area
  • CE approved

Applications that our FumeCAB 1000 iQ can be used with:

  • Hand soldering
  • Gluing
  • Potting
  • Hand working processes
  • Conformal coating
  • Many more


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