ISO-Spector 3D Inline

The MEK ISO-Spector Inline 3D AOI provides full inspection of the solder joints and components detecting every measurable solder and component defect pre-reflow and/or post reflow soldering. MEK has different inline AOI solutions to suit any production line, depending on maximum PCB dimensions, minimum component size to be placed and single or dual lane line requirements.

The ISO-Spector Inline 3D AOI has full board topographical, imaging AOI, and uses a patented sensor technology, which gives you high performance and high speed with inspection of simultaneous 2D and 3D. In any high volume production it is important to be able to cover and find the process defects without the need of an operator, wherein the MEK 3D AOI systems excel with its 12 Mega Pixel camera and advanced telecentric high intensity multi-source projections. The off-line programming unique for a full 3D AOI system further maximizes productivity.

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