MC200 Maintenance Cleaning

The MC200 is an efficient and ergonomic solution, designed to provide high performance, and meet the daily maintenance cleaning requirements for solder pallets, oven condensers and ESD boxes.

The parts are placed onto a basket, and submitted to the superior cleaning performance of a high pressure sprayer, and within a few minutes will be perfectly cleaned.

The MC200 is meeting todays economic and environmental demands by being a 100% closed loop cleaning process.

The features of the MC200:
• Uses an aqueous product (no flash-point, low VOC content) ensures the 100% closed loop process.
• Ergonomic loading and unloading
• High pressure nozzles on 3 directions to avoid shadow effect
• Water based process in close loop
• No rinsing needed and no air compress
• Superior hot air drying
• Machine built on a vessel
• Effective cleaning of flux
• Hot air drying included
• Low cleaning process costs and low electrical consumption
• Evaporation cleaning agent losses minimized by cover design
• Small footprint
• Minimal maintenance requirements (control of particle filter)

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