Momentum II BTB

The Momentum II BTB (Back-to-Back) Momentum II Fresh look and innovative new features for further enhancement in ease of use, yield, quality, productivity, and versatility.

Higher Productivity from an Optimized Footprint.

Get More Throughput with Less Space and Less Investment

Momentum®II BTB features a smaller footprint than the standard Momentum platform.   Back-to-Back configuration allows dual lane processing for higher throughput without increasing line length or capital investment.  Dual lane provides the flexibility to print multiple products in a single SMT line, such as top and bottom side, same side, or mother/daughter boards making the BTB the most flexibile model in the proven Momentum platform.With the MPM® Momentum®II BTB, you get all the accuracy and performance that the proven Momentum platform is known for.  Most of the features and options available for Momentum series printers are available with the Momentum II BTB.   MPM Momentum II BTB printers are offered in two different throughput configurations for optimum flexibility in line balancing.

Space-saving Configuration without Compromise

The MPM Momentum®II BTB is a space-saving 200 mm shorter than the standard Momentum. Configured for Back-to-Back (BTB) processing, it enables dual lane processing with two machines, conserving floor space and creating a shorter manufacturing line length, but without sacrificing volume or yields.  Momentum®II BTB is also designed with all-front access to the entire electrical system, solvent reservoirs, etc. so that no extra space is required for accessibility between the machines in BTB setup.  MPM Momentum® II BTB printers feature the same 20 micron accuracy, with wet print accuracy of ±20 microns @ 6 sigma, Cpk ≥2.0, designed in and independently verified.  MPM Momentum printers are fast, precise, and highly reliable, with performance unmatched by any other printer in their class.

Optimizing Productivity through Flexibility

Momentum®II  BTB  optimizes  operator  utilization  rates  for  dual  lane  lines,  and  utilization  of  factory floor space.  What’s more, individual units can be easily redeployed as needs change.  Available with optional shuttle conveyors.

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