Momentum II Elite

Repeatable Printing Quality for High Yields

Momentum II is designed and built to be a no-nonsense production machine.  Cost-efficient and featuring a modest footprint, it grows with the user; innovative patented features can be added on or retrofitted as needed as the user’s throughput demands grow.   Numerous patents protect the Momentum, which incorporates tried and true systems and features from other successful MPM printers that were designed prior to Momentum II (and still in use today).  Momentum’s alignment repeatability is ±12.5 microns @ 6 sigma, Cpk ≥2.   Its 6 sigma capability is designed in and independently verified.  Wet print accuracy is ±20 microns @ 6 sigma, Cpk ≥2.  Tighter performance tolerances mean higher repeatability with fewer defects.

The Momentum II HiE (for High Efficiency) is a single-rail printer with servo motors, rather than stepper motors, driving the vision system’s X, Y, and Z axes.  Faster than steppers, servos drive the vision gantry at higher speed and thus increase throughput and cut cycle time, making the Hi-E an efficient high volume printer.The Momentum II Elite is the top-performer of the Momentum series, boasting the highest throughput and shortest cycle times of all.  It is configured with a highly efficient triple track rail system featuring an input buffer, a central processing section, and an output buffer.

Best Performance Closed-loop Squeegee

Momentum II offers an advanced print head with a high precision load cell with closed-loop pressure control and motor drive system enabling precise and consistent squeegee force control across print stroke in both directions, which helps improve yields especially for challenging thin substrate printing and stencil printing applications, such as semicon back end packaging.

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