The MY700JX Jet Printer and Dispenser from Mycronic is a part of the new MYPro series. The MY700 high-speed jet dispensing platform for solder paste and a wide range of assembly fluids, incorporates three highly productive machine models, each one with its own set of unique capabilities. With its dual lanes and dual heads the series offers twice the possibilities.

The MY700JX is without question the most flexible way to produce complex boards at speeds of more than one million dots per hour. It handles flexible substrates, LED boards, cavities and

package-on-package applications with ease. And a non-contact nozzle precisely jets solder paste deposits with complete volume control, ensuring repeatable quality and higher throughput with less rework. With the same machine you can dispense glue or other assembly fluids for encapsulation, selective coating, dots and lines at the industry’s absolute highest speeds

The features of the MY700JX Jet Printer and Dispenser:
• Dual heads for productivity

• Dual lanes for smart board handling and buffering, which eliminates board transfer to virtually zero.

• High-speed and high-accuracy dispensing which allows you to produce complex boards with a speed of more than one million dots per hour (300 dots per second and 3g acceleration with superior accuracy)

• Its non-contact nozzle that jets with high precision makes every solder paste deposit perfect, reducing the need for re-working and increasing overall throughput.

• Compact footprint on one-and-a-half square meters

• Solder paste and a wide range assembly fluids

• Board revisions on-the-fly and changeovers in no time

• State-of-the-art vision system providing fiducial recognition on-the-fly and accurate laser height measurement to automatically compensate for board stretch and warpage that will secure high quality

• 100% software driven platform which allows you to prepare new jobs off-line in just minutes

• Can easily be integrated into a fully automated line, allowing for changes of product down to batch size one, with no human intervention

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