Mycronic SMD Tower 6150-15

The SMD Tower is an automated and flexible storage unit designed for positioning near the production line. It provides a controlled environment with the right components in the right place at all times, enabling quick and smooth changeovers in your SMT line. You can even store your most frequently used components with an Agilis feeder attached. The SMD Tower 6150-15 has a max capacity of 980 and a footprint of 1.59m².

The key benefits of the SMD Tower:
• 75% reduction of labour cost
• 50% reduction in P&P downtime
• 90% reduction of retrieval time
• It keeps track of all stored reels and component quantities
• A unique identification code ensures the right component is always provided or storage making mix-ups almost impossible
• Needs barely one square meter of space to store up to 658 reels, and can be integrated into existing material handling systems

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