Mycronic SMD Tower 8000

The SMD Tower 8000 is a compact and automated storage solution for reels and trays. It holds up to 1148 reels in less than 1.6 sq.m. and can typical dispense 5 reels per minute. All components are inserted and delivered from one point, the conveniently located hand-over terminal.

By using a unique ID for each component carrier the SMD Tower can keep track of location and quantity for reels and trays in the factory and ensure that the right reel is supplied very time. The integrated bar code readers and the closed design of the SMD Tower admits no manual access of reels and trays and makes mix-up errors virtually impossible to make.

The SMD Tower 8000 can be configured to meet a wide range of storage demands. It can take up to 41 storage cassettes for 4″,7″, 13” and 15″ reels. Depending on the reel width, 8-56mm, each cassette can store from 4 to 14 reels. The Tray Box accessory enables up to 1025 JEDEC trays to be stored in one SMD Tower.

Storage capacity can be multiplied by combining several SMD Towers units that work in parallel, logically acting as a much larger tower.

The SMD Tower can be integrated via the Remote Order Protocol to other production systems, such as ERP Systems and production machines to enable continuous updates and data synchronization. When used together with Mycronic P&P machines a tight integration with MYLabel 5.0 and MYPlan 3.1 or higher can be achieved.

To store components sensitive to humidity (MSDs) as per IPC 033B the Tower may optionally be equipped with a Dry Air Unit.
4015849 SMD Tower 8000 includes the following:
• SMD Tower unit including 41 cassettes (standard configuration).
• SMD Tower Software kit.
• User’s manual.
• Operator’s manual.
• Network cable
• Power cord for US or EUR

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