N29 Auto

The N29AUTO is an efficient and innovative solution, designed to provide high performance, and meet the daily SMT adhesive or solder paste stencil cleaning requirements, even for frameless stencils.

The stencil is introduced into the loading cell of the equipment and automatically immersed in the upright position and submitted to the superior cleaning performance of perpendicular ultrasound and is perfectly cleaned in just a few minutes. Afterwards the stencil automatically rises and passes through an air knife, and then dried into the loading cell.

The N29AUTO is a 100% closed loop cleaning process, and has an in-line filtration function that keeps the cleaning at high quality levels, together with a drying system that can dry one stencil while the next is getting clean.

The features of the N29AUTO Stencil:
• Uses an aqueous product (no flash-point, low VOC content) that makes it possible to separate the residues, and ensures the 100% closed loop process.
• In-line filtration that continuously removes the soil loading, and avoids contamination build up.
• Fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning system
• No contact with chemistry
• Water based process in close loop
• Rinsing with filtered cleaning liquid
• No water
• Drying system included
• Magnetic driven pumps to avoid leaking
• Completely automated with PLC
• Automated maintenance alarm
• Low cleaning process costs and low electrical consumption
• Evaporation cleaning agent losses minimized by cover design
• Product recycled permanently
• Minimal maintenance requirements (standard filter cartridges)

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