NC25ECO PCB Cleaning

The NC25ECO is an efficient and innovative solution, designed to provide high performance, and meet the high quality PCB cleaning requirements after reflow or even on misprinted boards.

The PCBs are first immersed in a washing tank where they undergo the combined action of vertical shaking and turbulent bubbly airflow, which results in a high efficiency level. Boards are then transferred in a DI water rinsing stage, and are finally dried during a unique process combining forced convection and vacuum.

The NC25ECO is meeting todays economic and environmental demands by being a 100% closed loop cleaning process.

The features of the NC25ECO:
• Uses an aqueous product (no flash-point, low VOC content) that makes it possible to separate the residues, and ensures the 100% closed loop process.
• Specific spray under immersion cleaning process
• Ultrasonic in option
• Unique drying process with vacuum
• Lowest running cost
• Construction on a containment tray
• Traceability system in option
• Fast locking board holders/racks
• Automatic transfer system
• Rack storage on loading/unloading conveyors
• Equipment and Process fully monitored

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