NP15 Spray Cabin

The NP15 Spray Cabin is an efficient and innovative solution, designed to provide high performance, and meet the daily PCB cleaning requirements after repair or even misprinted PCBs.

The PCBs is submitted to the superior cleaning performance of high-pressure spray and is perfectly cleaned in just a few minutes.

The NP15 Spray Cabin is a 100% closed loop cleaning process, and has an in-line filtration function that keeps the cleaning at high quality levels.

The features of the NP15 Spray Cabin:
• Uses an aqueous product (no flash-point, low VOC content) that makes it possible to separate the residues, and ensures the 100% closed loop process.
• Water based process in close loop
• Rinsing with filtered cleaning liquid
• Magnetic driven pump to avoid leaking
• Contains filtration avoids contamination build up
• Large working area cell to reduce board handling
• High efficiency drying possible in an optional vacuum drying unit
• Easy control panel and to operate: Plug and Clean
• Low cleaning process costs and low electrical consumption
• Product recycled permanently
• Minimal maintenance requirements

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