Pilot 4D Line

Pilot 4D from Seica is the most versatile and complete line of automatic Flying Probe tester, offering the widest range of solutions and performances on the market for a Flying Probe tester for electronic boards. Solutions range from 4 to 8 test probes, to access simultaneously one or both sides of the board. When choosing the most suitable architecture, you need just a couple of ideas to what and how is to be tested, and we will help you find the best solution.

The Pilot 4D solutions are typically implemented within manufacturing, repair, reverse engineering, prototyping and new product introduction (NPI).

Advantages of the Flying Probe Test:
• Eliminates fixturing costs and time
• Fast test program development, easy integration of design changes
• Process flexibility
• Circuit access, even in the absence of test points
• Controlled probe contact, programmable for any type of board
• Different test solutions and approaches integrated in a single test system
• Intrinsic positioning and measurement precision

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