The Camalot Prodigy dispensing system from ITW EAE uses breakthrough technology innovations in order to obtain higher process speeds, more precise accuracies, tighter tolerances and higher yields. It has a state of the art X Y gantry system, a linear drive technology, refined motion control architecture and an innovative frame design enabling it to offer supreme performance and reliability.

The features of the Camalot Prodigy Dispenser:
• High-speeds, accuracies and consistent quality are achieved by combining state-of-the-art drive architecture with next-generation pump designs and advanced motion control schemes.
• Innovative board staging option can double or even triple the dispense area in the X direction, allowing product of >900mm to be processed.
• Controlled heating for a repeatable process
• High flexibility as the Prodigy’s features are easily field upgraded, due to ‘plug and play’ compatibility and simplicity.
• Independent Dual Head configurability allows dispensing of different materials within one process
• Synchronous Dual Head Mode operates both pumps simultaneously and reduces dispense time by approximately 50%.
• The Prodigy features automatic vision for both fiducial alignment and manual teaching of programs, and has an edge detection vision alignment that is the fastest and most accurate positioning method available.
• Pipeline conveyor mode allows parallel product transfer within the machine, reducing transfer time from input buffer or preheat to dispense station in as little as 2.5 seconds, down from a standard 5 – 6 seconds. For a process that currently has a 25 second cycle time, this provides an additional 10% in UPH.
• The Camalot Prodigy uses the Benchmark software from ITW EAE, which is easy to use and learn and provides functionality and features such as a flip chip calculator for under fill.

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