Sayaka PCB Router

The Sayaka PCB router from Seika is the answer for hassle-free PCB depaneling through the employment of a router bit that minimizes stress on components. Some of the benefits include the high-speed spindle included in the machine, which speeds up cutting and maintains precision, while also allowing for flexible panel designs with various cutting patterns. In addition it is easy to operate with a image processing software that makes it simple to program.

The features of the Sayaka PCB Router:
• Solution for stress free depanelization
• Fixture-based highly efficient dust vacuum system
• Clean and precise depanelization for densely populated PCBs
• Advanced image-processing software offers point-and-click operation for programming router paths
• Automatic alignment compensation by CCD camera
• User-friendly operation
• Extended bit life by automatic router bit depth adjustment
• Improved tact time
• Low maintenance required
• Calibration free linear robot

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