V 2000 iQ

Fume extraction technology proven to deliver superior performance

The V 2000 iQ’s technology is proven to deliver superior and measurable performance, ensuring airflow and filtration is maintained even when particulates start to build up. VOC saturation can be detected, preventing unfiltered contaminants entering the workspace.

Electronics applications create fumes which are released into the atmosphere. They may be solid particles, gas or vapour (volatile organic compounds, or VOCs) and most can’t be seen. Not controlling these fumes can have serious consequences. Whether you’re running machinery in a school or a large scale factory, all airborne substances should be considered as potentially harmful to the operator, your equipment and the environment and controlled with the correct fume extraction solution. Read more about the need for fume extraction.

The V 2000 iQ not only filters particulate and odours, but it also returns clean air back into the room, saving on costs of conditioning the make-up air.

Benefits of the V 2000 iQ:

  • Design permits greater flexibility and mobility of different exhaust installations
  • Independent filter monitoring
  • Extended filter life
  • Enhanced filter performance
  • Three-stage filtration
  • Global product
  • CE approved

Applications that our V 2000 iQ can be used with:

  • Large reflow and curing ovens
  • Wave solder machines
  • Manual soldering
  • Conformal coating
  • Larger fixed installations in hand soldering, manual solder conformal coating, and gluing for up to 20 operators


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