The Electrovert VectraES wave soldering machine from ITW EAE is designed for low-to-medium mass board assemblies in a high volume production, and provides fast changeovers, process flexibility and high reliability.

The features of the Electrovert VectraES Wave:
• The VectraES has a wide-ranging list of features that utilize technologies and provide process flexibility and control.
• Provides customers with the capability to achieve the best solder joint quality with difficult soldering applications and within demanding environments
• Lead-Free process capability
• Quick Change solder pot that offers the flexibility of easily changing alloys
• The robust conveyor has the capability to handle demanding production and at the same time remains easy to maintain with an automatic lead clearance adjustment for complete process control
• The patented Solder Nozzle technology from Electrovert provides great performance, flexibility and process control
• The VectraES have great preheat capabilities, and can preheat up to 1.8 meters of bottom side and up to 1.2 meters of topside preheat
• Electrovert offers the best fluxing technology with the ServoJet system that results in high precision to ensure the quality of soldering
• Electrovert holds the industry reputation as the most reliable wave soldering system with multiple patents on various technologies
• User-friendly software and controls

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