XPM3m Reflow

The Vitronics Soltec XPM3m platform is the latest evolution in a long history of reflow systems that have proven their capability worldwide and established a reputation for superior reliability.  Robust design combined with a heat transfer system consistently delivers benchmark thermal performance, precise process control, and superior value for high production in a 24/7 environment.

AUTOset Profile/Recipe Generator
AUTOset is a software subsystem that enables operators to create an ideal over recipe based on specific board parameters. Allows the operator to prevent conventional oven setup pitfalls as well as provides faster setup, elaborate process optimization and thereby reduces energy and yield costs.
• Considerable setup time savings
• Increases uptime
• Eliminates guessing
• Simple, fast and easy to tune
• Decreases oven profile setup errors

Maintenance and Accessibility
• Maintenance manager within machines software
• Low maintenance atmosphere configurations
• Quick disconnect fittings on heat exchangers for easy access
• Integrated removable exhaust stack filters

• Management Information Systems provides log files with all set and actual values
• Barcode software has ability to connect to an individual product
• Barcode software can be used for automatic program selection
• Connections to host systems are possible using optional CAMX interfaceHeating Cell
• Maximized heat transfers without component movement
• Patented individual cell intake/exhaust
• High volume gas temperature control

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