ZEVAm+ Selective

The ZEVAm+ brings patented soldering technology that excels at meeting the challenges of miniaturization. Tilting allows the ZEVAm+ to solder at any angle to guarantee proper soldering results for the ever decreasing pitch of components. ZEVAm can process three PCBs simultaneously for high throughput in a high mix environment and offers a choice of wettable and non-wettable nozzles.

High Frequent Fluxing Technology

High frequency, high-speed, drop jet fluxing meets every cycle time and drop size requirement and increases the process window up to 5 times. Clogging is reduced with larger hole dimension of 180µm.

Smart Teach Programming

• Standard offline programming software
• Program without using machine capacity
• Automatic snap function aligning program over through-hole
• Automatic calibration, process proposal, and flux volume calculation
• Uses .DXF, Gerber or pixel based input

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